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Thank you for considering how you can volunteer to transport, harvest and process donated food through FeedHV (powered by ChowMatch). Here are some basics about volunteering via ChowMatch. Please review our Frequently Asked Questions and Food Safety pages for more information.

Photo: UlsterCorps and Family of Woodstock


Individuals and groups with members aged 18+ with reliable transportation and auto insurance. This allows for timely and safe deliveries throughout our broad region.


Register on the ChowMatch app and set your preferences for availability, volunteering frequency and preferred travel distance. Read the food safety guidelines and complete a short food handling safety quiz. Once matched, you will load food donations into your vehicle and unload at the receiving organization. Opportunities to field harvest or help process fresh fruit and vegetables may also arise (directly at farms or through groups like Cornell Cooperative Extension Gleaning Program, Farm to Food Pantry Collaborative, and Second Chance Foods). To successfully facilitate food delivery, please bring coolers, containers and/or boxes to collect and transport donations in accordance with food safety handling practices.


When you generously volunteer your time with FeedHV, you can feel good knowing that you are helping to provide food to people experiencing hunger and reducing the environmental impacts of food waste. Additionally, you might be able to receive tax credits for your volunteer mileage. Consult your tax adviser for more information.

The flexibility of FeedHV offers a unique opportunity for volunteers to schedule and transport on their time, serve organizations they care about, and track their hours of service. Through the ChowMatch app, individuals and groups can see the tangible effects of their contributions, in time, in pounds and more. In short, it’s a highly impactful and convenient way to make a difference in your community.


  • Register as an individual or group on the ChowMatch app.
  • Sign the volunteer agreement
  • Take a short food handling health and safety quiz.
  • Set your preferred driving distance and availability.
  • Receive email notifications of available food that match your criteria.
  • Review the donation and pick-up logistics, and decide if you can claim the run.
  • If you are the first to claim it, the pick-up will be assigned to you and contact details for the food donor and the recipient organization will follow.
  • Follow all food safety protocols when you pick up and deliver the food.
  • After delivery, provide feedback on the experience with both the donor and the receiving organization.
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