Reducing Hunger, Reducing Waste

Harnessing technology to share our region's bounty with those who need it most.

Because nearly 40% of all food in the United States wasted – that’s 20 pounds of food per month, per person – and one in ten neighbors experiences hunger, our aim is to reduce food insecurity and food waste in the Hudson Valley. Through a simple matching process, FeedHV (powered by ChowMatch) allows food donors, volunteers and nonprofit agencies to divert food from landfills to lunch boxes.

Our smart matching app was recently named a top global solution to food waste! Click here to learn more about how organizations worldwide are fighting waste and feeding communities.

Photo: Eggplant harvest


Food Donors

Farmers, restaurants, caterers, businesses and institutions.

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Photo: Aliza Krevolin, Poughkeepsie Farm Project


Food Volunteers

Transport, harvest and process food from donors.

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Photo: Michael Gold, People’s Place


Recipient Organizations

Nonprofits and other organizations with food assistance programs.

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